Ongoing Radio Silence

It’s been over two weeks since I posted, so I wanted to add a quick note of explanation. Of course, it’s hardly as if I have a horde of readers waiting with bated breath for my next post. On the other hand, I’ve created multiple blogs in the past, all of which have faded out before I’d completed five posts. This has largely been due to lack of content, and I wanted to make sure that this blog didn’t suffer a similar fate.

Having said that, I admit that a lack of content is precisely what has prevented me from posting recently. I began this blog with some flash fiction pieces based on writing prompts, and I intend to continue posting these in the future. I’ve had a busy month, and haven’t really devoted much time to short fiction since the 6th.

That is not to say, however, that I haven’t been writing. I’ve received feedback from my first beta reader on my WIP novel, although it may be more accurate to describe him as an alpha reader. He’s helped me identify some parts of the narrative that need to be strengthened and/or drawn out, and I’ve been working on these changes for the past week. I’m actually introducing a completely new plot line, which should help to draw together other elements of the story and provide a better backbone for the work as a whole. On several of the days when I’ve been able to write, I’ve had word counts of over 1,000. Word counts are subjective, of course, and they don’t come with any guarantee of quality, but these counts are pretty substantial as far as my track record is concerned. As of last night, the WIP is pushing 83,000 words, and I expect to add a few thousand more before this draft is complete.

After that, I’ll have to do some smaller, more generalized edits. Then, I’ll proof it at least once more before sending it back for another run with my beta reader. Beyond that, the path is too foggy and distant to be clearly discerned, but I expect several more edits and proofs, at which point I’ll try to determine whether or not the “finished” product is something deserving of an agent. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve invested enough time in this work that I don’t think I could bear to quit writing entirely, but I know that few first novels are ever published. All I can do for now is keep my eyes to the front, write, edit, write some more, and see what happens. Once I’m in between phases on this project, however, I should be more actively involved with writing prompts and flash fiction.